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AZ PARTNERS is one of the leading providers of tax services.  Our commitment towards excellence allows us to offer a complete array of individual tax compliance and consulting services - delivered with a personal and professional touch. We value our role as trusted partners who know our business and respect yours.

Our services include:

  • Personal Tax Services
  • International Assignment Services
  • Independent Review of Tax Returns and Computations
  • ITIN (個人納税者番号) Application 

Personal Tax Services

We provide personal tax services to individuals with U.S. tax filing requirements - foreign nationals (Non U.S. citizens, non U.S. green card holders or U.S. resident aliens in the U.S.), U.S. Expatriates (U.S. citizens or U.S. green card holders), including high net worth individuals:

  • Preparing annual, delinquent or amended individual federal and state tax returns
  • Preparation of requests for extensions of time to file tax returns including the computations, where required
  • Calculation of hypothetical tax to be withheld throughout the year
  • Assisting with inquiries from the IRS or state tax authorities
  • Evaluating estimated taxes and preparing payment vouchers
  • Assisting with wage withholding adjustments due to international assignment
  • Providing free annual tax counseling sessions - evaluating current tax situations and exploring tax saving opportunities 


International Assignment Services 

We offer an extensive range of international assignment services to assist companies with employees on short-term or long-term assignments outside the U.S.:

  • Performing hypothetical tax calculations
  • Review of employment contracts, assignment letters, compensation packages, tax equalization policies etc. to minimize tax costs due to international assignments
  • Preparing or reviewing tax equalization/tax protection calculation
  • Arrival and departure counseling with international assignees on home and host country taxes
  • Tax costs projections
  • Writing or reviewing International Assignment Policies


Independent Review of Tax Returns and ComputationsUpon clients' requests, we offer  independent review of tax returns, tax reconciliation calculations prepared by other tax service providers.  


ITIN Application 

We assist individuals to apply for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) at reasonable costs. Discount is available for this service if individuals choose to use AZ Partners as their tax return preparers.  Please contact us at info@az-partners.com for further details.